Our Approach

Our Approach

Sancha Art Studio is established by three artists- Rahul Gautam, Abhijit Saikia and Rinku Chauhan in 2014.

Sancha meaning the 'mould' is dedicated and promise the high-quality creative artworks for the Art lovers and connoisseurs. Sancha has the successful track record of many commissions from the established artists in India and abroad.

We at Sancha are committed to a promise of uncompromised aesthetic exploration in the field of visual art.

Our Story

Meet the Team

Here is our amazing team. The three people behind Sancha's inception- Rahul Gautam, Abhijit Saikia, and Rinku Chauhan. They did Master's in fine art from the College of Art, New Delhi in 2014. The different specializations and interests as individuals make them versatile, innovative and flexible.


Rahul Gautam

Director (Marketing)

Masters in Painting, traveller and an avid photographer



Abhijit Saikia

Director (Management) 

Masters in Painting, traveller and a foodie


Rinku Chauhan

Director (Production) 

Masters in Sculpture, innovator and a party hopper

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